Our Services

Every mobile home order includes transportation to the location and on-site setup service.


Our unique approach to construction with a galvanized steel structure and premium insulation, Knauf walls, hidden installations, and ceramic floors allows us to build a real house that meets all construction conditions as well as the requirements for 4* and 5* camp or glamp categories.

Galvanized steel construction

Top-notch sound and thermal insulation

Use of high-quality surface materials like ceramic tiles

For customers who
value quality

We produce houses in limited series for clients who recognize the value of quality. We use durable materials that are easy to maintain. Investing in such a property is a smart investment.

Limited series

Custom design

Smart investment

Development of conceptual solutions

If you have an investment project in preparation, where you want to stand out in the market with quality and elegance, we offer services for creating a project tailored to your vision.




Do you have a project in preparation?

If you have a project in preparation, feel free to contact us so we can offer you the highest quality option for the development of your project.