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We produce innovative and durable mobile and glamp homes of the highest quality craftsmanship

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For over 20 years, Mont Trade has been focused on raising the standards of mobile home construction. Uncompromising in the quality of materials and craftsmanship, we create mobile homes with a steel construction based on the principle of dry construction.

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“We were looking for a product that would provide a premium experience for our guests, for which we could get a top rental price and which would maintain its quality for many years, and we are completely satisfied with what was delivered.”

— Marko Špralja, Pine Beach Pakoštane Adriatic Eco Resort


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Transportation and assembly on site are ensured

Each order is provided with transportation to the location and placement on a pre-prepared site. Preparation of water, electrical, and drainage installations is required.

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Mont Trade mobile homes manufacturing is located in Poljica near the city of Zadar. Send us an inquiry and arrange a visit.